Insuring your Condominium adequately is important

Understand what your Homeowners Association master policy covers and what it doesn’t

What are common factors?

Typically, the master policy covers damage to the outside structure(s) and exterior walls and general liability for common areas. A Condominium Unit owners policy will provide coverage for your personal property, personal liability and medical payments to others and will also cover interior alterations, appliances, fixtures and improvements which are part of the building but contained within your unit also shown on the policy declaration page as “Dwelling”.

What isn't covered?

It does not cover the personal property or interior improvements to each owner’s unit. Nor does it cover your personal liability or medical payments should a guest be injured in your unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

Ask your Homeowners Association for a copy of the Master Policy if you don’t have one. You pay for it in your association fees so you should keep a current copy at all times. We’ll help you with any questions. That’s what we’re here for.

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